Jul 272020

I would highly recommend watching the movie Genius by Michael Grandage. To me, it has a very touching story. Also, as a university professor, I believe Genius has a lot to offer to help and guide talented and creative people through the journey they have to take in their life.

In the following, I’ve brought some of the quotes I liked from the movie.

Thomas Wolfe: So I’ve disappointed you yet again.

Maxwell Evarts Perkins: Yes, very much.

Thomas Wolfe: Well, I’m sorry I’m not decent enough for your fine dinner parties and your fine friends. But before you drag me out to the woodshed, I think you ought to look at who’s giving the lesson. Am I supposed to grow up like you?

Maxwell Evarts Perkins: No, Tom, but you’re supposed to grow up.


Maxwell Evarts Perkins: God help anyone who loves you, Tom. Because for all your talk and all your millions of beautiful words, you haven’t the slightest idea of what it means to be alive. To look into another person’s eyes and ache for him. I hope someday you will. And then maybe all your words will be worth five of Scott’s.


Thomas Wolfe: [Max reading Tom’s deathbed letter] Dear Max, I’ve got a hunch, and I wanted to write these words to you. I’ve made a long voyage and been to a strange country, and I’ve seen the dark man very close. And I don’t think I was too much afraid of him. But I want most desperately to live. I want to see you again. For there is such an impossible anguish and regret for all I can never say to you, for all the work I have to do. I feel as if a great window has been opened on life. And if I come through this, I hope to God I am a better man and can live up to you. But most of all, I wanted to tell you, no matter what happens, I shall always feel about you the way I did that November day when you met me at the boat and we went on top of the building and all the strangeness and the glory and the power of life were below. Yours always, Tom.

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Jan 112017

Our paper “Proximity-Aware Balanced Allocations in Cache Networks,” coauthored with Ali Pourmiri and Pooya Shariatpanahi, has been accepted for the “IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium.” The ArXiv version of the paper can be found here.

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May 202015

… pompous fools drive me up the wall. Ordinary fools are all right; you can talk to them, and try to help them out. But pompous fools–guys who are fools and are covering it all over and impressing people as to how wonderful they are with all this hocus pocus–THAT, I CANNOT STAND! An ordinary fool isn’t a faker; an honest fool is all right. But a dishonest fool is terrible!

[ From: Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! ]

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Dec 012014

Listen to the pouring rain
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more

Let it rain all night long,
Let my love for you go strong,
As long as we’re together
Who cares about the weather?

The song “Rain” by “Jose Feliciano.”

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Sep 162014


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We saw this beautiful flower in A-Ma temple, which is a Taoist temples in Macau. We were very tired because we walked many places in the city for the whole day. So when we went to the temple, we sat under a tree which had these kind of very beautiful and soft flowers.

Although I don’t like the smoke smell of the temples that much, but seeing these flowers was very soothing to me!

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Apr 082014

I cannot change you! But I can help you understanding that you need to be changed!

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Dec 232013

The Avenue of Stars, modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It honors celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry.

Entering from Salisbury Garden, a 4.5-metre-tall replica of the statuette given to winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards greets visitors. Along the 440 metre promenade, the story of Hong Kong’s one hundred years of cinematic history is told through inscriptions printed on nine red pillars. Set into the promenade are plaques honouring the celebrities. Some plaques contain hand prints and autographs of the stars set in cement, but most of the plaques only contain celebrities’ names as they are now deceased. A 2.5 metre bronze statue of Bruce Lee was erected along the Avenue of Stars in 2005.

[ Wikipedia ]


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Oct 212013


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In the autumn brook are reeds full of morning dew.
Bathed in moonlight, courtyard steps are crystal clear.
Tinkling horse-bells echo in refreshing breeze;
Loudly follows the repeating sound of morning bell.

[ poem 17 ]

The scholar’s straightforward advice offended the emperor.
Exiled to the south, he was forever a traveller.
His page was tired and his horse refused to go,
At the gate they were blocked by merciless snow.

[ poem 43 ]

It happens one day when two great debaters meet,
But who can say which one has gained the lead.
For surely, the one’s points are sound and strong,
Yet, the other’s argument is by no means wrong.

[ poem 87 ]

P.S.: This temple is a place that people come to pray and make wishes. It is famous in HK for that it claims to make every wish come true upon request.

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