Nov 132010

A few days ago, I watched the “21 Grams” for the second time. I liked the movie this time more than before and I had the feeling that I understood it better now.

The principal characters in 21 Grams are in very complicated situations and the way that the movie is narrated helps to depict these difficulties. The story is unfolded almost in a random way where the viewer has to complete a puzzle in his/her mind. However, this fractured chronology technique used in 21 Grams is not something only for entertainment but it really matches the story of the movie.

Among the main characters, I like the story of Jack who is an ex-convict the most. He has turned to religion to clear his past and made a new normal life. However, he encounters some difficult moral dilemmas after having an accident with a father and his two daughters and escaping the scene. This event makes him almost hopeless about being good and uncertain about the existence of God.

Finally, I like the scene at the end of the movie where Cristina (the woman who had lost her husband and two daughters) turns and looks at Jack. Although it is very short, this look conveys the feeling of understanding and forgiveness. Now Cristina see Jack as a human with all his faults and pains; not a guilty convict who corrupts her life.

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