Mar 302012

I’ve decided to write some short posts about technical stuff from my work. I don’t have very clear idea about the things I want to write yet. But maybe it is better for me not to be very specific at the beginning to see how the things will go.

When this idea came into my mind, I though that it might be a little bit bizarre to write about technical stuff in a personal blog. Yes it can be! However I don’t think I am going to write very often, so it won’t be worth to start another blog! 🙂

P.S.: I’m in middle of writing my thesis; tired of writing, rewriting, and editing, so I’ve decided to start this small project as a refreshing task!

P.S.: I am not very good at writing in English, so your are more than welcome to correct my mistakes!

P.S.: I’ve added a new category named “Work” for these kind of posts.

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